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Latin's "Pensus" can be translated to "valued" and that is precisely what we strive to be for our customers


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What can we bring to your business?

Pensus AB offers consultancy services in planning for vehicles and personnel in different contexts. Our specialty is traffic planning and system management within the public transport industry where we have a very long and solid experience but we are also active in other areas with complex planning contexts.

In addition to planning we engage in development of specialized software and other types of assignments of a similar focus.

We are based near Landvetter airport east of Gothenburg in Sweden and our home market is Scandinavia but when our customers have other requests we do not see any geographical constraints.

Covid19: We have extensive experience of carrying out assignments of most types remotely, so even if Covid19 periodically involves restrictions and travel bans we have good opportunities to assist our customers despite the ongoing pandemic.

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