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Latin's "Pensus" can be translated to "valued" and that is precisely what we strive to be for our customers


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We develop client specific software

The range of standard software that is specially designed for the public transport industry is sometimes limited and perhaps you have to create your own solutions, often more or less time-consuming manual processes and as with all manual handling it would relate to some risk.


With a relatively small effort, we can create applications that is specially adapted for your different purposes with varying degrees of complexity.

As an example most companies need a common application to generate periodic consolidated production statistics in a special format to suit the company's routines. One can get quite far with standard tools, but there are situations where these are not sufficient and this might be the time for a custom application. An example of such a situation is when you need to combine data from different systems in one report, but don’t have a BI-system to do it.

In the example above we can use data supplied from a source, consolidate it and present the results as you wish, all with a single keystroke. Examples of possible outputs are as Excel files, on paper / PDF file, via email to predefined recipients, or perhaps directly inserted in a database of your choice. Another usual issue that can be solved with customized software is automating data transfers between systems consolidating data fron different sources and/or transforming to other formats, potentially with issue reporting or similar tasks.

Most situations can be handled in a similar manner, so if you have cumbersome situations like this in your operation don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution suggestion!

Our area of expertise is generally in software for public transport, but our tools and techniques for  development are generic which enable us to create software for any business!

One tool, one codebase - many target platforms

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We use Embarcadero Delphi™ as the tool to create software. Delphi™ is a very stable environment that is based on object pascal and has been around since 1995.

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Delphi™ is the only tool on the market today that can compile the same source code to a number of different target platforms such as Microsoft Windows™ (32 och 64bit) for desktop/servers and Android™ as an example of mobile platforms. This provides a cost efficient solution with high flexibility, especially when targeting mobile platforms. Another major advantage of systems developed in Delphi™ is that the application becomes independent and rarely requires additional environments (eg Microsoft .NET™ or Java™) to be installed on the target system.

This makes our applications relatively fast to use and installations very simple, often only a single file need to be installed. In some cases you don't even have to install the applications locally on the end-users machine, they can instead be run directly from a file server on the local network for easier maintenance.

Delphi accomplish this by compiling all functions that an application needs to run into a single file and only use standard commands from the operating system besides this. 

In some cases systems need to store information in databases and often Microsoft SQL Server™ is used for that purpose. However, if you prefer to use other database engines, such as Oracle™, MySQL™, Interbase™ or Microsoft Access™, to name a few, it is possible.

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